Our first Havanese was

International AKC CH Razz
Our first Havanese)
"Family companions where there is no substitute for quality".
Cell Phone:  (740)361-4742               EMAIL:  havaneselover2@gmail.com

The dogs in Our Hav Family link, are our four-legged family.  
We occasionally have puppies available, but may have only one  litter a year.  This enables use
to provide quality care for our puppies.
Our families love of animals provided a perfect activity our family was looking for to do together.
We started showing and raising our limited puppies  as a family.  All of our puppies and
dogs are raised in our home inas a loving part of our family.   Our puppies have
excellent temperaments,
give plenty of kisses, and provide hours of laughter.
Our first Havanese and Champion,

Perfect Family Companions

---Loves to cuddle and get belly rubs
---Gives plenty of kisses
---Neck warmer
---Loves helping around house
---Sleeps all night for me
---Beginning crate training
---Beginning leash training
---Pottie, training outside and on pad  
---Inquisitive and intelligent, learns fast